SFCDA’s statement of response to CPUC decision R.12-12-011

SFCDA’s statement of response to CPUC decision R.12-12-011  – September 19, 2013


The San Francisco Cab Drivers Association finds it disturbing that the CPUC is seeking to create a new class of for-hire transportation service which would not have the oversight of local regulatory bodies while unfairly competing with existing locally regulated taxi services.


This measure essentially deregulates California’s taxi industry for numerous reasons.  The CPUC has only five safety enforcement investigators for the third largest and most populous state in the U.S., clearly not enough to enforce the new rules they are proposing.  In California, taxicabs are an on-call and on-demand service as defined by California government codes.  Any additional class of transportation provider, which offers the same on-call/on-demand passenger transportation service without the same regulatory standards, renders existing regulations meaningless.


Without proper local regulatory oversight this can only lead to abuse by TNC drivers, companies and the opportunistic element leading to the decreased quality of passenger service for the disabled, elderly and disenfranchised who rely on taxis for transportation.


This decision does not consider the wider environmental, economic and road safety impacts for all Californians.  The addition of thousands of for-hire vehicles to the city of San Francisco alone has already increased congestion and pollution, contrary to the claims of TNCs and their supporters.
We vow to continue fighting for the rights of all Californians regarding equal access to  safe, clean, efficient and fairly priced on-demand transportation.


-SFCDA Board of Directors



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