Current TNC plate collection total:

The current number of plates collected in our efforts to document the number of personal vehicles providing commercial taxi service (“TNCs”), congesting the streets and unfairly competing with the 1,900 or so authorized and legal San Francisco taxicabs, has now exceeded 4,000!

“Transportation Network Companies” (TNCs) such as Lyft, UberX and Sidecar, do not insure these vehicles if they are not on an order.  Unfortunately, there is currently no personal insurance policy that will cover the time between these rides either, so very few if any of these drivers have informed their personal insurance providers of their commercial activities, and are committing insurance fraud.  This is one of the ways they are cutting corners, putting the public at risk, and unfairly competing with legal SF taxis which must be insured for $1 million, 100% of the time.

To help bring sanity to the streets and expose this outrageous situation, please visit our Fight Back page.

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