How To Fight Back

How to Fight Lyft, Sidecar and UberX for San Francisco Taxi Drivers.

-       Accept all debit and credit cards (use Square if needed)

-       Don’t turn down rides (short or long)

-       Pick up radio and app orders

-       Play the neighborhoods (if empty downtown…drive west)

-       Be courteous and professional with all passengers

-       Do not talk on the phone or text while passengers are in the cab

-       Do your best to make your passengers feel safe and comfortable

-       Use Flywheel, which only dispatches to legal, permitted taxis.

-       Don’t use UberTaxi or InstantCab, which also support personal vehicles providing un-permitted taxi service.

-       Report the plates of the offending vehicles here.

-       Do not physically engage the TNC drivers.  If approached by them after you have collected a plate, inform them that they are violating Sec 1105A(1) of the San Francisco Transportation Code and the terms of their insurance policies.  You might ask if they’ve informed their personal insurance carrier about what they’re doing.  If so, they shouldn’t mind if we do.

San Francisco Transportation Code SEC. 1105:


(a)   Conditions Applicable to All Permits.

      (1)   Permits Required. No person, business, firm, partnership, association or corporation shall drive, or operate or cause to be operated any Motor Vehicle For Hire within the City, nor shall any person, business, firm, partnership, association or corporation operate any Dispatch Service or Color Scheme, without a permit issued by the SFMTA authorizing such driving or operation in accordance with this Article.

By following these suggestions you can help take business back from these deceiving venture based app companies, and strengthen our industry’s reputation for the future.  Unfortunately Lyft and Sidecar have put cab drivers under intense scrutiny and drawn attention to some bad habits many of us have developed over the years.  Let’s protect all of our incomes and work together to show the city we deserve their business and trust.

Let’s win this for the law abiding drivers!

Below you can help us catalog the license plates of vehicles operating as unlicensed taxis in San Francisco.  This includes towncars with non-commercial plates, or personal plates.  A personal plate starts with a number, followed by three letters and ending with three numbers.  Example: 1ABC234  Some towncars have TCP numbers on their bumpers but lack commercial plates.  Pictures of this are particularly useful because this shows they’re operating their personally insured vehicles commercially, pretending to be a licensed livery vehicle to the public.

Use the form below to submit new plates. All plates and photos collected are being furnished to member companies of the Personal Insurance Federation of California, the San Francisco MTA, the California Highway Patrol and the California Public Utilities Safety Enforcement Division.


Images clearly showing plate number with stache or mirror socks can be emailed to:

(please change the file name to the plate number when possible and do not forget to enter the plate into the form above)




NOTE: TNC drivers, don’t bother trying to corrupt our data or send rude messages.  Entries that do not fit certain criteria are automatically scrubbed from the data.  Go get a taxi license or go to jail for insurance fraud.




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