SFCDA’s Filings for the CPUC OIR regarding the NOETS (Updated)

We have filed a number of documents with the CPUC during the course of the Order Instituting Rulemaking regarding what the CPUC is calling NOETS (New Online Enabled Transportation Services).
Below you will find links to each of our filings in the order in which they were filed.  If you would like to see them in context, flip over to our story about what is currently happening with the proceeding.  We have spent many hours preparing these filings and in the case of the latest ones, many more hours using our moles to gain access to information that the “NOETS” (namely Lyft and Sidecar) would not like to be public.  Thanks to our efforts and the efforts of many others, we are exposing their facade.

Opening comments on scoping memo.

Opening reply comments on scoping memo.

Pre-Workshop comments.

Post-Workshop closing comments.

Post-Workshop closing reply comments.

Comments on Proposed Decision

Reply Comments on Proposed Decision

Our filings definitely made a difference in the course of the proceeding and with the bolstering of our positions by not only TPAC but the SFMTA and others including the CHP really show that we are fighting the war with the right arguments and tools.  Stay tuned for the results of the proceeding and the CPUC’s ultimate decision.  We will see if they heed the logical and rational arguments of our group and others or if they are really in the pocket of the NOETS.



After a long hard day of planning, writing and research we thought it appropriate to document the moment we knew that we were finally making headway in the fight.



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